Help NMA help Nevada museums

Please take a few minutes to respond to our IDEA survey. (SURVEY NOW CLOSED) Created by the NMA board’s IDEA committee, the survey will help us to determine how the NMA can best help Nevada museums address issues of diversity, accessibility, and inclusion and create more equitable institutions (IDEA = Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility). We will use your responses to help plan out how and where our resources can make the most difference for Nevada museums, as we all confront the difficult issues facing our museums. 

The survey should take less than a half hour to complete, depending on your particular role and experience in Nevada museums. Questions deal with areas across the spectrum of museum practice and not all will apply to your specific circumstances — feel free to skip any questions that don’t apply to you or that you prefer not to answer. All answers will be kept anonymous.

The survey will run until November 30. Responses will be compiled and analyzed by the IDEA committee and a preliminary report issued in early 2022. If you are interested in being part of the IDEA committee and helping direct the NMA’s efforts in this area, please email Dustin Wax at


Thank you for your time and energy, and for helping us better understand your needs.

Nevada Museums Association