NMA Member Courtesy Admission

As a courtesy to fellow NMA members, several NMA member museums offer free admission for NMA Individual Members as a professional courtesy. The museums below have all graciously offered their invitation to NMA members to visit for free:

To visit one of the museums above, simply show your NMA Individual Member card — you can download your card to your phone or print it out, simply log into your membership account to access your digital card. (Only the member named on the card will be admitted; non-member guests will be asked to pay the normal admission charge.)

NMA membership cards look like this:

Sample NMA membership card

By arranging free access to each other’s museums through NMA, our goal is to build stronger professional ties between Nevada Museums and give our members a better chance to learn from each other. If you would be willing to offer fellow NMA members free admission to your museum as a professional courtesy, please sign up using our online form.